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Reupholstery on the Central Coast


We understand that each reupholstery project is unique and work hard to ensure each project is completed to perfection. The secret to our success is our massive inventory of high-quality materials and our highly-trained staff. With close to 40 years of service, there’s not a project we cannot handle.
Upholstery Repadding — Reupholstery in Berkeley Vale, NSW


One of the main reupholstery requests is repadding, which involves replacing old, worn down furniture padding with new, high-quality material. Repadding makes furniture look better, feel more comfortable and extends the lifespan of the furniture piece. We can provide new padding for lounge chairs, couches and a variety of other types of furniture.
Sofa Springs — Reupholstery in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Webbing & springs

Webbing and springs play a large role in the firmness and comfort level of a piece of furniture. Webbing is typically used for sitting furniture, such as chairs and most sofas, and springs are found in many beds. It is often important to upholster webbing and springs after a furniture piece starts to lose its comfort.
Two Pillows on a Sofa — Reupholstery in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Adding foam

The foam in a furniture piece is one of the main factors in its overall quality and comfort. Quite simply, furniture with newer, high-quality foam is much better than a piece in which the foam is worn down or damaged. You can save your favourite lounge chair, bed, etc. by adding foam through our reupholstery service.
Two Modern Styled Sofas — Reupholstery in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Design change

As times change so do the ins and outs of interior design. When furniture starts to look outdated but is still comfortable and highly functional, it is time to consider a design or style change, whether it is in the form of giving it a more modern look or going throwback with an antique-style appearance.
Think twice before throwing out your favourite furniture piece. Instead, reach out to us today and find out how reupholstery can make your favourite piece look great, feel comfortable and last for many more years to come.