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High-quality upholstery repairs on the Central Coast


You are not alone if you have grown attached to a particular piece of furniture in your home. Many feel the same way. Instead of throwing out a furniture piece that either has significant sentimental or monetary value, you can easily have it repaired and made as good as new by allowing us to upholster it for you.
Repairing Damaged Upholstery — Upholstery Repairs in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Repair damage to furniture

We can repair various forms of furniture damage, including a recliner that fails to recline properly, dining chairs that have a weak leg, etc. In our 38 years of business, we have seen numerous types of furniture damage, and we can repair just about anything.
Furniture Repair — Upholstery Repairs in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Improve the appearance of furniture

A key aspect of interior design is the appearance of furniture. Here at Coastal Upholstery, we can paint and polish coffee tables, dining chair frames and just about any other type of furniture. We can also add on or re-design new legs, new cushions and even change the appearance altogether.
Sofa Made Longer with Add On — Upholstery Repairs in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Add on to existing furniture

We also add on to existing furniture, and we can lengthen a dining room table, turn a two-seat sofa into a three-seater and much more. We have a huge stock of high-quality materials.
Modern Upholstery Design — Upholstery Repairs in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Make furniture more modernised

We also modernise furniture for customers who are tired of the way a certain piece looks in their home. Whatever the style may be that you hope to accomplish, we can make furniture look perfect in your home. From antiques to modern furniture, we can handle just about any furniture repair requirement.
You deserve a home that looks great and keeps you comfortable. If you have a piece of furniture that could benefit from an upholstery repair, reach out to us today.