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Custom-made Furniture

Custom-made furniture on the Central Coast


There is nothing like a custom-made piece of furniture that looks and feels the way it is supposed to. We custom-build furniture of all kinds including, lounge chairs, table chairs and much more.
Upholsterer Working — Custom-made Furniture  in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Create your own size

One of the main reasons customers request custom-made furniture is to achieve a very particular size that they are unable to find instore. Here at Coastal Upholstery, we have the capability to customise furniture of all sizes to meet our clients needs.
Upholstered Sofas— Custom-made Furniture  in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Create your own shape

We hear stories all the time about people trying to fit a particular piece of furniture in a certain area of their home and becoming incredibly frustrating when it does not fit the way they hoped. We understand this frustration, and we can create a ...
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Altering an Upholstered Sofa  — Custom-made Furniture  in Berkeley Vale, NSW

Alter existing furniture

We can also alter the size and shape of existing furniture. Whatever the upholstery need may be, the chances are we can make it happen here at Coastal Upholstery.
The custom-made furniture most often looks, feels and functions better than what you are able to purchase in the store. If you are interested in your very own custom-made piece of furniture, call us today for a free quote.